Elon Musk Says More Expensive Twitter Plan Won’t Contain Ads

Elina Rudkovsky


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Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, recently announced that a higher-priced Twitter subscription would not contain ads. This was in response to advocacy organizations that have forced brands to suspend advertising on Twitter because of an alleged "massive drop in revenue." Musk also said that steps would be taken in the coming weeks to address the problems with ads that "appear too often on Twitter and are too large."

Twitter has faced difficulties because of a boycott by many global brands after accusations of racism and toxicity on its platform. The company derives nearly 90 percent of its revenue from digital ad sales, so it was no surprise when Musk announced plans to introduce a higher ad-free subscription by 2023. He also said there would be half as many ads on Basic Blue Tick as there are now.

The higher-priced subscription is expected to cater to companies that want more control over their presence on social media platforms without having their posts obscured by ads from other companies. It will likely include features such as advanced analytics tools that allow users to better understand how well their content is performing among different types of audiences. In addition, this new service could include features such as exclusive access or discounts on products or services related to these companies' industry verticals.   

Musk's announcement has drawn criticism from some quarters, who argue that only wealthy individuals and large corporations will benefit from this service, while most small business owners will be left out of reach because they cannot afford such high prices for ad-free experiences on social media platforms such as Twitter. However, there are no details yet on what price range you can expect if you choose the premium version, but given Elon's love of exorbitant prices, we should expect it to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $11 per month, no less!

With growing pressure from human rights organizations and boycott campaigns against some advertisers due to racism and toxic online environments, major tech giants like Google and Facebook have already begun offering premium subscriptions as part of their respective advertising policies, allowing customers more control over their use of these platforms while still earning ad and subscription revenue respectively. Now, with the latest offering, we may soon see similar changes implemented by other tech giants, including Twitter, especially since it generates almost 90% of its revenue from digital advertising alone!