Dying Light 2 Demo Available for PS Plus Subscribers

Audrey Hansen


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At the beginning of the year, Sony made many significant improvements to the PS Plus. One of them was adding the demonstration of trial versions of games for Premium subscribers. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners now have one of the most popular games of the year available to try without a purchase.

If you are a PlayStation Plus Extra or PlayStation Plus Essential subscriber, trial games are not yet available to you. Players who subscribe to PS Plus Premium will be able to try many timed demos of popular games. They also have the option to select any product for PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP  from the "Classics" catalog. New free games released this month include Superhot, Hot Wheels Unleashed, and Injustice 2. They are available to all PS Plus subscribers throughout October.

But the main event was the creation of a demo version of Dying Light 2. This became known in early October. Since its release in December 2021, this game has become one of the most popular and is included in the list of the best products of 2022. Developer Techland allows PlayStation Plus Premium members to experience incredible graphics and compelling post-apocalyptic storytelling without purchasing the game outright.

Subscribers can play the Dying Light 2 demo for three hours. The offer is unlimited, as the developers plan to keep this timed version on PS Plus permanently. The game is suitable for PS4 and PS5 platforms. If you like the game during the trial period, you can buy the full version with progress synchronization.
Would you like to play the Dying Light 2 demo? What other games should be added to the catalog? It is interesting to know your opinion; share in the comments!