Disney+ to Introduce a Cheaper Ad-Supported Plan

Elina Rudkovsky


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Disney Plus is probably the leader in cult titles it offers among the streaming services. While its standard subscription price is quite moderate for such a treasury, now the service may become even more budget-friendly. The new plan Disney Plus has announced will be more affordable due to ads.

 Kareem Daniel, the chairman of Disney Plus media and entertainment distribution, says that this decision is a complete win-win. Users will gladly pay less, ad managers will access a new audience, and Disney creators will reach a wider audience. It’s worth noticing that ad makers will have to use more creativity and perfect their skills to make products that won’t look cheap next to MCU, Star Wars, or Pixar. So, these ads may be masterpieces in their own right made to match the environment.

 This move is obviously inspired by similar plans offered by Hulu, a serious rival in the industry and at the same time a partner, joining Disney+ in bundle plans. Its ad-supported plan is just $6.99/month, while the no-ads plan is $12.99/month. This difference is significant for many users, especially if Hulu isn’t their only content provider.

 It’s not clear yet how much an ad-supported subscription by Disney Plus will cost. The current price is $8/month or $80/year, but the ad-supported version is meant to be about 40-50% cheaper (like that of Hulu). It would be logical that Disney + and Hulu offer an ad-supported bundle, but it’s too early to guess. With this new plan and a constant influx of quality content, Disney Plus plans to increase its audience from the current 130 million subscribers to 230-240 million.

 Would you rather have an ad-free or a cheaper ad-supported plan? If you are not on Disney Plus yet, would you consider subscribing for less money? Tell us what you think of it in the comments!