Apple Privacy Policy Negatively Affects Facebook Ads

Elina Rudkovsky


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According to the service officials, the update to Apple's privacy policy, which took effect with iOS 14 earlier this year, continues to impact Facebook negatively. The company began to talk about it a long time ago, but the latest data only confirms the general fears.

First of all, the changes affected those users who advertise their products (especially mobile apps) and are engaged in optimization, targeting, and web conversion using the internal tools of the social network. The ban on collecting customer data unless they have given permission to do so has severely limited the ability to personalize advertising and its performance. In response, Facebook began using Aggregated Event Measurement to minimize the impact of Apple's update.

Graham Mudd, a VP of Marketing, has previously warned users that the new privacy policy would affect ads. The company's recent report confirms Mudd's words. It says that the changes made, despite the elapsed time, continue to affect the company and its customers' capabilities. Many social media users note that advertising costs significantly exceed their expectations. Unfortunately, this trend will continue and may even intensify in the future, as it becomes increasingly difficult for Facebook to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and adjust them to customer requests.

According to experts, the fact that the company issued such a report confirms its previous concerns. It aims at warning investors about the impending deterioration of the situation. In terms of using App Tracking Transparency, for advertisers, it's not clear how to handle targeting changes since many users, in most cases, prefer not to allow applications to track their actions.