Apple Is Working on Multiple User Support

Elina Rudkovsky


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One ability that iOS devices lack notably is allowing their users to switch between more than one accounts. The key issue that’s been preventing Apple from introducing a solution is data safety. Finally, though, the company has been given a patent suggesting a potential for multiple account support on iOS-based mobile devices in future.

The description of the patent makes it clear that the effort is part of the Security Enclave technology. The invention is applicable to phones as well as laptops and desktop computers, although it’s unlikely that it will target Mac in the end since it already comes with multiple user support. We should rather expect the functionality to appear on Apple mobile devices.

The main objective of Apple’s research is to prevent unauthorized access to personal data by those who can physically access a device’s memory. One way to eliminate the risk is through encryption.

While it is not clear yet whether and when Apple’s ambition will become a reality, it is surely something to wait and hope for. It is likely to have immense potential for secure device sharing both at home and in educational environments.