Street Fighter 6 Tier List: The Ultimate Ranking of the Best and Worst Characters in the Game

Elina Rudkovsky


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Ever since its announcement, Street Fighter 6 has had fans speculating about which characters will rise to the top and which will sink to the bottom of the tier list. In this article, we will break down the Street Fighter 6-tier list, delving into the details of the best and worst characters in the game. This comprehensive ranking will guide you through each character's strengths and weaknesses, assisting both new and experienced players in deciding which fighters to master.

The Best Characters

These top-tier characters stand out in the Street Fighter 6 meta, boasting exceptional frame data, combo capabilities, and overall power. Let us explore these powerful fighters who dominate the competition.

1. Dhalsim


First on the best character list is Dhalsim, a classic fighter with a versatile moveset. Known for his long-range attacks and ability to keep opponents at a distance, Dhalsim is a formidable opponent. His reach and mix of projectiles make him hard to approach, while his zoning capabilities allow him to control the battlefield effectively. However, his slower movement speed and recovery times require careful planning and execution to avoid punishment from opponents.

2. E. Honda

E. Honda

E. Honda, the sumo wrestling powerhouse, is another top-tier character in Street Fighter 6. Despite his slow movement speed, E. Honda's impressive damage output, combo potential, and durability make him a force to be reckoned with. His EX Hundred Hand Slap and high-damage command grabs can turn the tide of a match in an instant. However, E. Honda struggles against characters with strong zoning capabilities, so players must employ smart strategies to overcome these challenges.

3. Marisa


Marisa, a deadly character with unique armored moves and strong combos, is a new addition to the Street Fighter franchise. Her ability to break through opponents' defenses and quickly build up damage with her Overdrive combo makes her a dangerous adversary. However, her dependence on the Drive Gauge and predictability can make her challenging for beginners to master.

4. Juri


Juri, the iconic taekwondo fighter, is another top-tier character known for her swift, unpredictable attacks and mix-ups. Her exceptional range and ability to pressure opponents make her a formidable foe, but her reliance on her Fuha stocks can put her at a disadvantage. Mastering Juri's playstyle requires excellent execution and resource management.

5. Ken


Ken, Ryu's friendly rival, is an all-around strong character in Street Fighter 6. He excels in corner pressure and possesses quick punish counters, making him a powerful offensive force. While his long recovery times and inconsistent combos limit his potential, a skilled Ken player can be a formidable force to be reckoned with.

The Worst Characters

Unfortunately, not all characters are created equal, and some fighters struggle to keep up with the top tiers. Here are the characters occupying the lowest tiers in Street Fighter 6.

1. Jamie


Jamie is a character heavily reliant on his unique Drink mechanic, which changes his moveset and power based on his Drink Level. While this can lead to some interesting strategies, his limited options against projectile-heavy characters and steep learning curve make him a difficult choice for players. Jamie's potential is limited without proper execution and knowledge of his Drink mechanic.

2. Kimberly


Kimberly is a fighter with short reach, predictable attacks, and a low hit-to-damage ratio. Her lack of strong specials and slow frame data put her at a disadvantage, making it difficult for players to succeed with her consistently. Despite her shortcomings, dedicated Kimberly players can still find success if they can master her unique playstyle and capitalize on her strengths.

3. Blanka

Street Fighter 6 Blanka

Blanka, the electrifying jungle warrior, has long been a controversial character in the Street Fighter roster. While his unorthodox moveset and mix-ups can make him difficult to predict, his large hitbox and slow reaction time leave him vulnerable to punishment. Players who can master Blanka's odd playstyle might find success but will struggle against more consistent characters in the higher tiers.

4. Cammy


Cammy, the British Special Forces operative, is a fast and agile character with great mobility. However, her reliance on close-range attacks puts her at a disadvantage against characters with strong zoning tools. Additionally, her relatively low health pool makes her vulnerable to high-damage combos, limiting her ability to stay in the fight for extended periods.

5. Lily


Lily, a new character to the Street Fighter franchise, boasts mid-range pressure and unique moves but is limited by her primary attacks' complexity and vulnerability. Her inability to inflict significant damage outside of her Super Arts puts her at a disadvantage in a game filled with powerful fighters.


In conclusion, the best character in Street Fighter 6, based on users' reviews and tier rankings, is Dhalsim, who excels in zoning, range, and versatility. His long-reaching moves and balance of speed and power make him a top-tier character and an attractive choice for experienced players. However, it is essential to remember that every character has unique strengths and weaknesses, and your preference and skill level matter most when selecting a fighter. Keep practicing, experimenting, and finding the character that suits your playstyle, and enjoy the thrilling battles that Street Fighter 6 has to offer!