VirCities: fighting for power online

This online game will make a lot of players to fight with each other for the right to become mayor. Along the way, VirCities provides the right to engage in virtual business and other fun.

Main goal

In fact, this project is a sandbox in which you need to look for something to do. The only exception is the first 10-15 minutes, when there is training, during which you find a job, kill the bandits and performs other actions. The developers claim that everyone will find something to do in VirCities like. However, the greatest emphasis here is on the struggle for power. If you do not join it, it is unlikely to achieve success.

Similar games have already existed. But VirCities was one of the first to enter the online space. If before players fought with virtual opponents, here you have to cooperate and compete with real people. You will bargain with them, perform their tasks and solve various disputes. Gradually, you can become the owner of the store or factory, and then begin to sell themselves to other players a particular raw material.

Interestingly, the players themselves are responsible even for medical care. And without him in VirCities not do. The fact is that at the stage of training you are fighting with the bandits. And if at first they do not give you special problems, then in the future you will definitely get injured. As a result, from time to time will have to be treated in hospitals. Either develop physical skills and buy weapons — all this will deal with any unwanted person. But self-training is also up to no good arguments — they are contributing to the injuries. Therefore, to improve physical training should enlist the help of a coach.


In the game, you will not find three-dimensional graphics. Pictures are available, but they are all static and two-dimensional. But there is no need for a greater economic strategy. After all, here you do not control the whole city, as in some SimCity. Here you are responsible for just one character — for himself. In this regard, all actions are carried out using a simple menu. Went to work? Spent energy, received money. Purchased the company? We have received a notice of the need to hire staff.

In VirCities, jobs appear regularly. It is with their help you can promote your candidacy in the elections. Failure to perform a task can lead to monetary losses or even more serious consequences.

It is impossible not to note the simplicity of the existing menu. Quickly enough you get used to all the items, and then gradually begin to make a fortune. Also, you will Wake up the desire to recapture the territory of the criminal group — this opportunity is also available here. Of course, it is impossible to do it alone, but no one bothers to unite with other players! This can be done through communication in social networks or Skype.

Brief conclusion

VirCities is something new in the world of online games. This project is designed for those who are already tired of shooting at your enemy or cut orcs into pieces. Economic Manager will not only stretch the brain but also feel like a real Deputy. Soon you will find out that being a politician is not as easy as it seems.

Slightly spoils the impression of the game only the absence of music. It remains to be glad that modern smartphones allow you to run the music in the background. In the rest of the same special claims to VirCities there is no. Not for nothing on each of the servers is simultaneously up to a thousand people.

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