The most beautiful games for iOS: Modern Combat 5: The Multiplayer eSports Shooter

If you are a happy possessor not too old iPhone or iPad, our new weekly column will help with the choice of games that can reveal the graphics potential of your gadgets and deliver a lot of fun from the gameplay.

Presented in our weekly category games for iOS will please not only fans of visual effects and bright colors. Exciting, addictive gameplay-also one of the main criteria for selection.

Modern Combat 5: The Multiplayer eSports Shooter

A worthy continuation of the popular series of first-person shooters for mobile platforms. This time the game takes place in Tokyo and Venice.

A single company is similar to a game mode in the famous table of the Call of Duty. Entourage and dynamics of what is happening — in the best traditions of the leaders of the genre, dynamic gameplay does not allow you to break away from the action unfolding on the screen for a second. The player from the first seconds of the game make it clear that in front of him and a very advanced non-standard shooter. It is worth noting at least the fact that the first mission of a single game mode does not begin on the ground, and underwater.

In Modern Combat 5 all in modern” adult ” console and PC-shooters. Your character gains experience and evolves as the game progresses. And the study of new abilities and getting new weapons in a single company will allow you to use all the acquired in multiplayer mode. This scheme also works in the opposite direction.

At the beginning of the game you will be offered to choose a specialization for the hero. Available classes: sniper, scout, attack and paratrooper. Each class has its own weapons and unique skills that you will develop during the game, getting new levels.

Modern Combat 5: The Multiplayer eSports Shooter Venice one of the most spectacular missions in the game takes place in Venice

The game has dozens of weapons and various improvements to it. For the convenience of the player as options available very useful for mobile shooter auto-aiming and auto-shooting.

Multiplayer in the game is represented by four modes: capture the flag, VIP, each for himself and the team on the team. But the main disease of mobile shooters-uncomfortable aiming has not gone away. Complicating the situation and the availability of opportunities such as rolls and dodging bullets. In short, in a network game to get into each other at times is very difficult.

In any case, Modern Combat 5-the best to date mobile multiplayer first-person shooter. The level of graphics and gameplay is not inferior to the loudest titles for the second-generation Playstation. If you have not played this game, definitely worth a try.

Developer: Gameloft

Release date: 19.04.2017

Size: 1,27 GB

Requirements: iOS 8.0 or above, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Apple TV support: Yes

Price: free

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