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Google Home is Google's smart speaker system. This is Google's answer to Amazon's Echo and Apple's upcoming HomePod. It is very similar in functionality to the Amazon Echo. This device is only sold in the United States and Canada for now. This device is also a part of Google's Home/Home Mini/Home Max ecosystem.

The Home Max is Google's high-end speaker. I purchased the Home Mini as a result of this review. The Home Mini is Google's mid-tier smart speaker. Google Home is a very nice device. I like this product very much. It has a nice design and it is a pleasure to use. I prefer Google Assistant to Amazon Alexa. The Google Assistant's voice is more natural. I also prefer the Google Home's voice.

The Google Home is easy to set up. I like that it is very easy to connect this device to your Wi-Fi network. I also like that it is easy to connect this device to your Google account. I don't like that this device does not have volume control. This is a problem that the Amazon Echo also has. You can use the Google Home App to change the volume. This is the same app that you use to set up your device.

Overall, I like this device very much. I like the Google Assistant's voice more than I like Alexa's voice. One of the reasons that I like the Google Home more than the Amazon Echo is because it is easier to use. The Google Assistant responds quickly to my requests. This device is a pleasure to use. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a smart speaker. This is a great product.


  • Google Home can be used in any country;
  • It is equipped with the Google Assistant that is smarter than any other assistant;
  • It has a louder and clearer sound;
  • It has the ability to connect with other Google home devices;
  • It has a Bluetooth speaker that you can connect to other devices;


  • It can't make phone calls;
  • It can't call businesses;
5 Great

This is a high-quality product. This is a nice product. I am very happy with this product. If you would like to buy this product, you can find it on the Google Store.