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Going Medieval review

The game Going Medieval is a medieval-themed building and resource management game. The game is set in the year 1407 and the player takes on the role of a lord of a certain village. The player's goal is to build a prosperous medieval village and to protect it from invaders.


The player starts the game with five villagers and a single house. The player's task is to build up a village and to protect it from invaders. There are three types of buildings: residential buildings, commercial buildings and defense buildings. Residential buildings produce villagers and commercial buildings produce coins. Defense buildings produce knights and archers. The player's main resource is wood and stone, which is used to produce both residential and commercial buildings.

The player can recruit various types of villagers to work for them. Each new villager provides the player with a new ability to help with village management. Villagers can be trained in various tasks to help the player with the production of new resources.

Gameplay consists of three phases: the diplomacy phase, the setup phase, and the gameplay phase. The diplomacy phase is composed of five stages: the preparation stage, the negotiation stage, the declaration stage, the plan stage, and the execution stage. In the preparation stage, the player can make alliances with another player’s faction, or try to break the alliance. In the negotiation stage, the player can make an offer to another player, or decline the offer. In the declaration stage, the player can make a declaration of war or alliance. In the plan stage, the player can set up a plan for the next turn’s diplomacy phase. In the execution stage, the player can execute the planned diplomacy for the next turn. Once the diplomacy phase is executed, the gameplay phase begins.


The graphics of the game are cartoon-like. The graphics are colorful and vibrant. There are also different types of buildings, which are all different shapes and sizes.


Going Medieval is a game that is quite replayable. There are multiple different scenarios available, which are unlocked gradually over time. There are also different types of buildings, which the player can unlock gradually.


  • Game is very easy to play
  • There are various different scenarios
  • The game is enjoyable to play
  • The game is fun
  • The graphics of the game are cartoon-like
  • The game is very flashy
  • It is very easy to replay
  • The game is very simple
  • There are no ads


  • The game can be repetitive
  • Some people may find the game to be boring
  • The game can be very hard to play




5 Great

Going Medieval is a game that is a mix of many different genres, and is designed to be an open world. The gameplay of the game is very similar to that of a traditional RPG, and the player can choose to fight with swords, magic, stealth, or ranged weapons. The player is also able to customize their character's appearance and stats.