How to Download and Use Microsoft Word for Free - Everything You Need to Know

David Byrne


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Are you looking for a way to use Microsoft Word but don’t want to invest in the entire Microsoft suite? Look no further! With applications like Microsoft Word now available for free, there is no need to pay for the entire Microsoft suite to get your hands on the word processing application. In this article, we'll discuss how to download and use Microsoft Word for free and provide a comprehensive review of the different ways you can access Microsoft Word without breaking the bank.

Microsoft Word Online

The simplest way to use Microsoft Word for free is to access the software in your preferred web browser. Whether you’re on Windows 10, Mac, Chrome OS, or Linux, using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or any other browser, you can access a free-to-use version of Microsoft Word. 

Microsoft Word Online

All you need to do is head to the official Office website(opens in a new tab) in your browser of choice, enter your login credentials, and choose ‘Microsoft Word’. The application offers more than just Microsoft Word, with Excel, Powerpoint, and much more also available for free. 

The online version of Microsoft Word uses OneDrive to back up your work automatically. This isn’t the full version of Microsoft Word, but it has all the basic features that most people will need access to.

Office Mobile

Office Mobile

You can download and use the Office Mobile application on your smartphone or tablet to access even more features. You can download the mobile application for free from either the Apple App Store(opens in new tab) or Google Play Store(opens in new tab).

Using Microsoft Word on a smartphone or tablet may not be ideal, but it’s possible, and it’s also free. The mobile application has been merged with Excel and Powerpoint so that you can access all three applications from a single hub. 

Again, you’ll only need to log in with a Microsoft account for free access to basic features, as well as online collaboration, backup to OneDrive, and the ability to create PDF files from your documents. 


Today, the need to pay for Microsoft Word or even to install it on your PC has been greatly reduced. With the introduction of browser-based applications, users can access the features they need without investing in Microsoft 365. Additionally, the mobile application provides free access to basic editing features from your pocket. 

To summarize, you can download and use Microsoft Word for free today. Whether you're on your computer or mobile device, you can get amazing features to help you stay productive - all you need is a Microsoft account. So, what are you waiting for? Start using Microsoft Word for free today!