YouTube Introduces New Profile Rings

Elina Rudkovsky


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YouTube is launching a set of new profile rings. These will signify new stories as well as live streams that are active at the moment and are meant to help users navigate to the content they are most interested in. The two types of profile rings will differ in design as they convey two distinct messages. A plain red line encircling a user’s profile photo is to be interpreted as a sign that there’s a new story you should check out. Conversely, one with “LIVE” added to the bottom part stands for a stream that’s in progress. You’ll be able to content that the profile rings refer to by tapping on the user’s avatar.

This new feature is part of YouTube’s tendency to maximize user involvement with live events and stories. While seemingly minor, these shortcuts to such content effectively suggest to you what you might want to view. Generally, YouTube has been working on adding more features to its interface that are typical of common social media. This is expected to make the platform more engaging and interactive as you get new options for communicating with creators as well as reacting to their content. For example, the Community Tab has recently been added to more channels. YouTube’s toolbox is now complete with reactions and shorts, which are part and parcel of most of today’s social media.

Apart from this, the threshold for mentions has been lowered. Previously, the feature was only available starting at 500 subscribers, but there are no limitations currently as to who can use it. That is, we’ve been seeing some major updates. Given the fact that the platform has also been working on improving its monetization potential, we should hopefully expect a significant improvement in its offerings. Are there any features you anticipate? Share your thoughts down below.