Welcome Fresh WhatsApp for iPhone Update

Elina Rudkovsky


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Meet long-awaited news about WhatsApp for Apple device owners. The app has got the 2.21.140 update, which introduced the public to a new calling interface. They can also appreciate three major functional changes that will improve the user experience. Novelties touched on group calls, stickers, and archived chats. After a short period of beta testing in early July, the creators released the new version. Let's dive deeper into the update overview.

For advanced messenger users, the new interface might remind FaceTime. The updated WhatsApp call screen now really looks like this app. Therefore, it won't take you long to figure out what's what. In addition to cosmetic improvements and small changes, the developers have simplified the process of adding interlocutors to a conversation. Now you can let your friends join a group video call even after the start. You can also make a second call to those chat participants who missed your first call.

Archive chats have also been updated. The developers have changed their "behavior." Now, when one of the members of such a group writes a message to it, notifications will remain disabled, and the chat will still be archived; that is, it will not be automatically unzipped, as it was before. Of course, if you want, you can change the settings and behavior of chats in the corresponding menu.

Another change will please sticker fans. WhatsApp will now use suggestions to help you quickly find images from the sets you've already downloaded. Stickers will be offered right when typing a text message. Android users were the first to test this innovation, and now it is available on iOS. The latest version of the application is already available in the App Store. Make sure your device meets the system requirements: 178 MB of memory and operating system 10.0 or later.