Twitter Re-Designs Embeds Look

Elina Rudkovsky


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If you have previously used the tweet embeds you will probably like the new offer. Twitter has recently released its update. Among numerous changes the company has changed the way tweets that were deleted look when they are embedded on the 3-rd party websites. The content is removed completely.

Before the update, a tweet that was deleted but linked to another site could still look like the original tweet. The information was visible to others, although there was an indication that the source was removed. Many users were complaining about it.

Kevin Marks, the tech advisor of the company said that they have to edit the original code. Instead of the comments, you have deleted other users and will see only a blank page. The blockquote that was previously left even after the tweet was deleted by the user now is gone for good. If you delete your account, your tweets will also disappear from the other websites. If previously the original text was left unharmed without validation from Twitter, now other users can’t see anything.

If you were using other people’s tweets on your websites or social network pages, you may have already noticed that old tweets from removed pages have already disappeared. While for some readers it may be rather disappointing, creators may be happy to know that some of their old posts are gone. Eleanor Harding, Twitter’s official, said that Twitter decided to respect its users by providing them the opportunity to delete information they don’t want to post anymore. You can choose whether you want to delete your tweets or not and have the right to delete them for good from any source. Harding says that the company will explain more in the upcoming posts.

Have you ever deleted tweets on your page? Do you think the new decision is helpful to users? You may share your thoughts in the comments below.