Twitter Charges Users for Audio Rooms

David Byrne


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The era of paid audio rooms for iOS users is starting. Twitter is rolling out the service called Ticketed Spaces. The feature will be available for iOS platform users in the upcoming month. The beta version has already been released in June for some users who got to try the new feature. Now, Twitter is working hard to represent paid rooms for every iOS and Android owner.

Yesterday, Twitter announced its decision to extend the app to all mobile platforms. The company revealed that it might take more time to release Ticketed Spaces, but they would like to provide advanced services.

The Price of Ticketed Spaces

Twitter says that hosts will charge participants for ticketed rooms from $1 to $999. They also will be able to change the size of the room and the number of people that can join the space. Google and Apple take charge of the in-app purchases from hosts after they gain the profit. However, room owners still keep up to 97 percent of the money. If users earn $50 000 or more, Twitter will increase its cut from 3 to 20 percent. The fee may be raised in case the feature becomes available worldwide. During the latest preview of Ticketed Spaces in May, Twitter assured the audience that hosts will receive 80 percent of the revenue, even after all the fees.

Several months after the preview was released, Twitter changed the way of searching for spaces. Users can now check top recommendations at the top of the Twitter app. And if the person you follow listens to one of the spaces, you will see this room appear above others on the list. Before that, they were harder to reach and you could hide the activity from the account via the Settings. Twitter has updated an API, and now third parties can send their users to the paid rooms. The minimum requirement for hosts is 18 years, verified email address, and 2-factor authentication security.