Top Android Apps to Stream Sports Events on Your Phone

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Despite coronavirus raging here and there, this season is still rich with games and events. We are to expect NCAA Final Four, Green Jacket season in Florida, NHL playoffs, and other games. To make sure you won’t miss any of those, we’ve prepared a list of the best sports streaming apps for Android.


1. Hotstar – Twinkle, Twinkle Sporting Star

hotsatr app screen

Hotstar is an app that will amaze you with its universality. It includes:

  • News;
  • Analytical shows;
  • Comedy & satire;
  • Sitcoms, TV-series;
  • Hundreds of movies.

As for sports, Hotstar broadcasts almost every major event to be found. On the menu, we have the World Cup, Asia Cup, Premier League, and others.

Hotstar has a free plan, but its functionality is limited. Premium and VIP packages will let you enjoy every segment and genre non-stop. Including American shows produced by HBO and others.

Hotstar will guide you through fields, courts, and arenas worldwide.

2. ESPN – Everything Sports-related

espn app screen

ESPN barely needs any introduction. Their catalogue includes: 

  • Football; 
  • Soccer;
  • Hockey; 
  • Basketball; 
  • Cricket;
  • UFC;
  • Boxing, etc.

Yes, you can find anything here from the latest UFC Fight Night to a Formula 1 race. Moreover, here you will find an analytical segment, in which experts try to predict which team/athlete will prevail in an upcoming event. 

Additionally, ESPN+ subscription will allow you to watch top events live. How about Khabib VS Ferguson fight? Or NFL-free agency predictions? The app has it all.

Download ESPN and join a 50+ million fan crowd.

3. NBA: Live Games & Scores – Above the Rim

NBA: Live Games & Scores app screen

If you’re a diehard basketball fan then this NBA app is a must-have. It provides pivotal info on every aspect of the NBA universe:

  • Scores and statistics;
  • Previews and recaps;
  • Official game schedules;
  • Highlights and top moments.

And of course all relevant news. A huge transfer between teams is expected? Memphis Grizzlies are getting a new head coach? No intriguing rumors will be missed. 

The app’s match catalogue is quite huge as well. There are 1230 games live and recorded. As well as documentaries about your favorite teams, players and much more. 

NBA: Live Games & Scores is the best companion app for a true fan.

4. LiveScore – Who’s Winning? 

LiveScore app screen

With LiveScore you won’t have to tune in your car radio or hastily run to the laptop to see yesterday’s score. Instead, you can get the same info with just two taps. And Livescore’s database is truly gargantuan!

Here we have:

  • NHL, Championships League;
  • Wimbledon, Davis Cup, French Open; 
  • UEFA, Europa League, and World Cup;
  • NBA, EuroBasket, Olympics Men & Women.

And other major leagues, tournaments, and events. To make things easier, you can simply pick a country to find an event faster. Or open the app’s calendar. All important games and scores are there to be found.

The app has also a few nifty features. First, if you can’t watch the game at the moment, Ball Tracker will save the day – this function shows the game progress live. Second, the app is pretty great in terms of customization. For example, you can put all your favorite games in My Matches category, so you won’t have to search for them later.

Stay tuned about every important match with LiveScore.

5. Super Sport — I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

Super Sport app screen

Super Sport is one of those versatile apps that can do virtually anything. First, its sporting catalog can compete with that of ESPN. The clever application provides coverage on every major sport:

  • Football;
  • Golf and cricket;
  • Tennis and rugby;
  • NASCAR and Formula 1. 

As for the content, Super Sport has prepared a whole smorgasbord of news and scores. The latest topics, rumors, and analytics. Schedules, fixtures, and scores. Rankings and leaderboards – whatever you need.

If you are often busy but don’t want to miss an upcoming game – worry no more. Super Sport has a notification feature that will remind you to get popcorn, potato chips and beverages of choice in advance.

For the most part, Super Sport is free of charge. But live-streaming is available in premium packages only: Premium, Compact and Compact Plus.

Super Sport is a glorious app for real sports gourmets.

6. SportEventZ – Live Broadcasting

SportEventZ app screen

SportEventZ brings the joy of live television broadcasting to your smart gadget. And the channel catalogue doesn't fail to impress:

  • BBC Sport; 
  • Football 1;
  • Match! Premier;
  • Canal Plus Sport;
  • Fox Sports, and so on.

Basically, every major channel from Europe and North America is here. But what is even better, you can manually choose which satellite will broadcast a game! You can switch between Thor, Amazonas, Hispaat, and others for better quality.

As for the number of sports, it’s literally monstrous. Apart from classic football, basketball, and UFC you will also get timetables on:

  • Curling;
  • Squash;
  • Water polo;
  • Gaelic Sports;
  • Badminton;
  • Aussie rules, etc.

And even e-sports including DOTA 2, Star-Craft, and LoL are also on the list. Sadly, SportEventZ doesn’t stream games itself. Instead, it only gives your schedules, programming and a number of channels where you can watch a game in question. 

At the same time, its search engine is pretty flexible. So, you can filter results by a sports name, country, league, channel and even satellite. And a loud notification will warn you that it’s time to transform into a cheering fan beast.

SportEventZ is the most comprehensive app about sports programming.

7. FITE — From MMA to Kickboxing

FITE app screen

Unlike other apps on the list, FITE is solely dedicated to martial arts. Here you will find a rich collection of leagues and promoters to choose from:

  • UFC;
  • Shamrock FC;
  • Combat Americas;
  • All elite Wrestling, etc.

FITE broadcasts about 1,000 fights every year. With the app, you can broadcast a match directly to your TV, but some events charge an extra fee.

FITE is a great app if you enjoy a good professional brawl.

#1 Fan

Try one of these apps and join loud cheering. This season still has some long anticipated events. So, you can’t afford to miss them! 

Do you have a favorite sports app of yours? Let us know in the comments!