PUBG Mobile: 2 Years & Celebration Update

Audrey Hansen


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This month PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds celebrates 2 years. And what could be a better present to all fans than a fresh game update stuffed with surprises? The 0.17.0 update has been in active use for a while now. So, let’s see which goodies and baddies it has to offer. Besides, Season 12 has just begun!

PUBG Meets Disney

The first thing to attract your attention is probably the Amusement Park mode. This Park has somewhat a ghostly nature. According to the developers, it randomly appears in three locations of Erangel. You don’t need to do anything to make it happen as it emerges spontaneously.

The Park itself looks like a retro place of fun and mirth with somewhat archaic attractions. Once you’re inside, you can:

  • Locate wingsuit machines;
  • Get a hold of karabiner 98 Kurz;
  • Explore and interact with arcade games;
  • Stumble upon bonus first aid and painkillers.

As for activities, they are limited to 4 games: Space War, Shooting Range, Hunting, and Trampoline. What’s heartbreaking though, you will need tokens to access these games. And to top it off, there will be no roller-coasters.

As a compensation, you can experiment with a bungee machine. This demonic contraption will catapult you in the air. After this, it’s recommended to use a parachute and glide like a giant flying squirrel to a safe place.

Royale Pass

PUBG season 12 Royale Pass

Season 12 debuted a few days ago. But we already see a wealth of new items that it’s brought to us. First, your PUBG wardrobe will be refreshed with a bunch of new skins. They include Feline Fine, Gogglebox and Feel the Terror.

Second, we get a modified Purchase and Upgrade’s menu. The renewed interface will integrate support for exclusive vouchers. These vouchers will be accessible to players during various events. 

By the way, if you’ve failed to purchase a Royale Pass during the last three seasons, there’s a deal for you. Buying Royale Pass during season 12 will reward you with special bonuses. It’s unknown what kind of bonuses, but it still sounds intriguing.

Watch Yourself Die

pubg 0.17.0 screenshot

For those players fond of cinematic effects there’s another cool feature to try. It’s called Death Replay and it allows you to instantly watch how you just got annihilated. Well, there are numerous benefits to harvest from this. 

First, you can create a Death Album, so to say, using a software like Bandicam. It may include the most spectacular or ridiculous deaths you’ve suffered during a season or your entire PUBG career. A pretty neat thing to do for kicks and laughs.

Second, if you’re a competitive player, you may learn from your failures. Analyzing what brought another death to your PUBG avatar will help you fix and rethink your tactics. Also, it’s good for learning cliché strategies that your opponents use.

And third, according to Tencent, the new feature will help track down cheaters. With Death Replay you can actually document a dishonest cheat usage and report a perpetrator. It’s unknown whether there will be a bounty hunter program with tasty rewards or not.

North Pole Killer

Arctic Mode is one of the novelties of the new season. And its gimmick is about surviving not only a bullet hail delivered by your enemies but also some mortifying cold. 

In the Arctic Mode, your primary objectives include:

  • Staying alive. Find a shelter and survive when the freezing waves of cold come.
  • Lighting fire. Gather sticks and other combustible materials to light a fire when you’re inside the shelter. 
  • Hunting to get food. In this scenario, you must catch a chicken to roast it later.

And possibly reverting to cannibalism. But this info is still unconfirmed. Probably inspired by Far Cry Primal, this mode seems pretty tough. It is available in EvoGround mode now and invites only the bravest players to join.

Hardcore is Back

pubg gameplay

For those who seek some extra challenge, Tencent is bringing Hardcore Mode back. In this notorious mode, you need to perform every activity manually. No automations whatsoever! Need to get more ammo to reload your Heckler & Koch? Squat and pick it up.

Besides, Hardcore Mode turns footstep sounds off and disables screen prompts. That means you will become an easier prey for stealthy players. Or you can use it as an advantage and reap easy frags by performing surprise attacks. Hardcore Mode is available in Arcade.

There I Buried my Treasure...

Universal Mark is doubtlessly one of the best novelties in the update. With it, you can mark anything: supplies, vehicles, ammo, tactical positions, death crates, a funny looking rock or whatever. In other words, anything of importance.

What’s even better, marks can be visible to teammates. This opens a leeway for tactical planning and also more efficient communication. Such a Mark can be used to indicate the last piece of ammo, possible danger or a hiding sniper.

Colorblind Mode

pubg colorblind

Prayers who have a different color perception will appreciate mode 0.17.0 too. If you tweak the game’s settings, you can change the blood color. And there are three different modes: Deuteranopia, Protanopia, and Tritanopia.

As for other players, they can have a bit of fun with changing these modes. Not every day you can see someone bleeding orange after you’ve fed them a machine-gun round.

Bros Before Bullet Holes

And finally, there’s a mode that newcomers may appreciate. It’s called Brothers in Arms and its central idea is to put veteran players and amateurs in duos. While Rookies get their first combat experience and learn the ropes, Veterans earn rewards for sharing their wisdom.

But before it can happen, players should enter the game and get registered as Veterans or Rookies. After that, the system will automatically match two players so knowledge sharing may begin

Sweet 0.17.0

The update and Season 12 have brought us lots of cool stuff. At the same time, there have been complaints that the new update keeps crashing on certain devices like OnePlus 7. Have you been satisfied with your PUBG update? Does it work well? What do you think it lacks?

Let us know in the comments!