Mini Motorways Game for Road Networks Planning

Elina Rudkovsky


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A game where you can draw roads and create the network for iOS would be a great pleasure to develop problem-solving and just spend time having fun. Mini Motorways is an arcade created by the Dinosaur Polo Club and released in 2019. The developers are independent and have created a Mini Metro game earlier. 

Mini Motorways is aimed to test your creativity and force you to think a little. The main goal of the game is to build roads and help passengers to get to the place they need. The graphics remind users of the map of metropolises like Tokyo, Moscow, Istanbul, etc. 

Every large point generates the “pins” or passengers. If the cars don’t arrive in time and take passengers, the level is over. However, you can change the roads drawn during the game if needed. You can add traffic lights, roundabouts, bridges, and use other tools to create stable traffic. Everything else is automated in the game. 

The more you play this game, the more tools and resources you get. In the beginning, you have only buildings painted in two colors. Each week, the buildings with new patterns are opened for you. The city roads will develop, and it becomes more difficult to transfer the passengers in time, especially when they move from one side of the city to another. 

Mini Motorways is a game where the first movement you take is not always the best one. Sometimes, you should think for some time for a better solution. However, automated car driving finds the shortest route to the destination. So, you should try to build convenient ways too. 

You will get several maps named after the large cities in the game. However, they don’t have a lot in common with real towns. Mini Motorways was created for relaxing. You may enjoy nice graphics and a pleasant soundtrack. Moreover, this game isn’t boring because each week you try new levels with new buildings and roads. It is a great way to spend time for iOS users.