Marvel's Avengers: A Final Farewell Sale Before The Ultimate Delisting

David Byrne


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As we kick off the New Year, the gaming world is buzzing with news that might surprise many. Crystal Dynamics, in an announcement, stated that Marvel's Avengers would be delisted, signifying the end of an era for this game in the digital realm. This decision follows what publisher Square Enix described as a "disappointing" release, resulting in the game being constrained to a tethered existence.

The multiplayer action-adventure game, depicting our beloved superhero ensemble, found itself in a fix, with dwindling player numbers and less than positive responses. The take on it being a live service was the subject of controversy, turning it into a grind for those in favor of such a format. Not all is lost, however. The silver lining resides in the game's single-player segment, which retains a loyal fan base, offering a premium gaming experience.

Set pieces punctuated by intriguing passages form the core of Marvel's Avengers, adopting a gameplay formula consistent with similar games like Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Despite being somewhat lackluster in terms of narrative delivery compared to its counterparts, the presence of abundantly unlocked downloadable content and a comprehensive collection of cosmetics keep it engaging for fans.

As Marvel's Avengers prepares for delistment post-September 30th, it will still remain playable in both its single-player and multiplayer forms. The servers will continue running so that existing owners can download and play the game. The game should be played for its narrative; however, new players should avoid the 'play' button at first and opt for the 'operations' button to sidestep a massive plot spoiler.

Is the final discounted offer worth considering? For the die-hard fans and collectors, it is an impeccable opportunity to own and enjoy this gaming experience. At a whopping 90% off, the stakes are indeed low, which makes it worth a try. The phase-out of Marvel's Avengers may seem unceremonious, but it leaves behind a variety of immersive experiences for players to dwell in or keep as cherished gaming memorabilia. In the end, the legend of the Marvel superheroes continues, albeit outside the domain of this particular gaming universe.