LinkedIn Updates: Post Metrics, Revamped Inbox, and a New Reaction

Elina Rudkovsky


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The update LinkedIn announced recently is one of the most important in the service’s recent history. A bunch of innovations meant for improving its relevance for the members includes new ways to organize the feed and the inbox, new analytic tools showing you how your posts perform, and even a new reaction emoji.

As the Chief Product Officer Tomer Cohen started in his blog post, the recent lack of updates is, first of all, focusing on improving the performance of LinkedIn for users. Now they will be able to boost their profile’s efficiency by getting a more personalized feed and optimizing their own posts. There are five major innovations that make it possible.

First, the feed management is now in the user’s hands. You can exclude posts from your feed by removing them manually, and this will be the signal to show you less of that stuff. By searching for topics or top voices you can add more posts on these topics to your feed. Second, your inbox and contacts are now more manageable, so you can sort and filter them easily.

The third feature set lets you advance as a professional. Search for certain topics with built-in search, join courses and live events on your specialty, and even get in touch with podcast hosts and subscribe within LinkedIn’s Podcast Network. This may help you improve your skills.

For measuring how well you promote yourself on LinkedIn, there is the fourth set of new features, which includes more detailed insights on how your posts are perceived. Also, you get to know your audience: their location, industry, engagement patterns, and so on. And, finally, the fifth new feature may seem minor, but it makes your communication more emotionally engaging: the laughing reaction emoji is coming!

The next plans to discuss include NFT and crypto integration on LinkedIn. And what would you like to see coming next? Please leave your opinions in the comments!