Jigsaw Launches Online Harassment Fighting Tool

Elina Rudkovsky


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Google Jigsaw is a unit that produces solutions to combat censorship and extremism on the Internet and protect free access to information. Last week, the company announced the launch of a new Harassment Manager tool to fight online harassment and abuse, primarily on Twitter. Recent studies show that female journalists are particularly vulnerable to online attacks. About 70% of such professionals receive threats in their address and unpleasant comments under tweets. Because of it, at least 40% of female workers stop their broadcasts.

The Harassment Manager has been developed and linked to the Twitter API to protect vulnerable users from being gender-attacked. This tool is open source, which allows you to improve the work of the service. With it, users will be able to hide and block offensive messages and aggressive commentators. You will also be able to create written reports that include all vulgar references. This information can be provided to employers or law enforcement agencies for inspections.

To fully use this tool, in addition to the Twitter API, you will also need the Perspective API (identifies toxic messages), the Google Sheets API (uploads data to Sheets), and Firebase (stores information). Google defines inappropriate comments based on the words and expressions used, which may cause you to end a conversation. Currently, developers still work on the Manager, so it is only available to journalists collaborating with the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Many other NGOs specializing in human rights are also involved in its creation.

We find this tool extremely useful and necessary in today's world. Hopefully, more people across platforms will be able to use it soon. Do you think there are too many toxic users and commenters on the Internet?