How to Fix the Battery Life Issue with iOS 14.6

Elina Rudkovsky


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Along with all the good things brought by iOS 14.6, there was one drawback that zeroed all the positive effects for those experiencing it. Those unlucky ones report that their iPhones drain the batteries after the update, making the battery time just miserable. If you are one of those, we have good news for you: the problem can be solved! 

There is no official reaction from Apple on the battery issue so far. No iOS 14.7 release yet (though it’s coming), no even patch for solving this particular problem. So the solution was to be found on user forums. And there are even several ones.

Podcast Was the Case

It’s common knowledge that if the battery drains too fast on a smart device, there are apps using it too much. These should be removed or at least restricted. In the case of iOS 14.6, the most probable suspect is the Podcasts app by Apple. There may be others as well, though, not optimized for this version of iOS and thus not using the power optimally.
What can you do? You can offload and then reinstall the Podcasts app from the iPhone Storage tab in Settings. If there is any other app you suspect, you can do the same to it – or never reinstall after finding a decent replacement.

System Settings

As others say, the problem is in automatic screen brightness adjustment not working properly. To fix the problem, you need to go to Settings – Display & Brightness and adjust the brightness manually. You may have to readjust it from time to time. Another way is to disconnect your Apple Watch, AirPods, or other accessories, reboot your phone, and then reconnect them.

Update vs. Update

If you are into radical ways, we may recommend you update your iPhone to iOS 14.7 Beta, or even to iOS 15 Beta. It may have its own issues, but it has not been reported to drain your battery this severely. Remember, though, that beta versions are unstable by definition. So, getting rid of one issue may bring you an entire array of others.
So, let’s hope iOS 14.7 gets the job done with this issue. Cannot wait until it arrives. And what about you? What do you expect from it? Or are you looking forward to iOS 15 instead?