Apple has brought back the ‘Store’ tab after redesigning their online store!

Elina Rudkovsky


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On Tuesday, the fans of Apple will finally be able to enjoy the renovations made to the Apple Store. The new design reintroduced the old “Store” tab, located in the navigation bar. Overall, this new web design is very reminiscent of the Apple Store app. 

The Store tab was previously featured on Apple's website as a direction to users to the Apple store until it was replaced by the "Buy" link contained within each category. A quick peek at the top of Apple's store page now reveals this: "Store: The best way to buy products you love."

Located at the top are links to contact retail specialists for products they may desire and find retail stores within the vicinity. Like the store tab, Apple had hidden interactive brick and mortar stores listed within the search feature of the main site. You can find below the welcome text a row feature of major product lines for Apple. Suppose you click on a product like Mac. In that case, you will be directed to a page containing browsable devices neatly arranged strategically in a row of cards through which you can navigate by scrolling horizontally. When you click on a card, you will be shown configuration and purchasing options for particular models. 

Other rows located on the page will direct you to:

  • Trade-in options
  • Shopping guides
  • Ways you can save
  • Accessories
  • Informational articles
  • Setup and Support
  • Special pricing options for businessmen, veterans, etc.

You can swiftly access these sections by scrolling through a navigation bar located up top.

Apple may regularly turn out new content into the 'Store' page. The online store has a feel of an iOS or iPadOS hosting a gesture-focused interface and extensive use of cards to a large extent.

What do you think of the new Apple website interface? Is it more user-friendly? We would love to hear from you in the comments.