Apple Gears up for High Demand for iPhone 13

Elina Rudkovsky


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Not so long ago, it became known that Apple made a large order for A15 processors from TSMC. Their number was over 100 million. It is reported that the ordered parts will go to the creation of new iPhone models. Previously, it was already disclosed that TSMC had begun production of these processors specifically for Apple. Now it is reported that the company has increased its original order. Before that, the volume was about 95 million.

According to experts, it was done because Apple expects increased demand for its new devices, the release of which, by the way, is scheduled for September this year. As per another version, the company did it to protect itself from a shortage of processors, which still continues throughout the world. The brand should do its best to maximize the production capacity it needs. If everything is calculated correctly, Apple will be able to achieve uninterrupted manufacturing of the new iPhone 13 models.

In the face of an acute shortage of semiconductors, many large companies limit their supply. It is primarily associated with the pandemic when many, especially Asian, factories suspended their work. Thus, the Taiwanese company TSMC has focused on Apple and the automotive industry. It even started building a plant for the production of 5-nanometer chips in the United States.

According to experts, the shortage of electronic parts required to assemble components and finished products might persist until the end of 2022 and possibly move into 2023. Under such conditions, Apple's actions seem quite prudent. If they do not use the ordered processors specifically for iPhone production, they can insert them into their other devices. A wide range of products provides them with sufficient flexibility.