App Store Connect Got New Tax Category Feature

Elina Rudkovsky


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App Store Connect is a service that helps developers publish products and keep track of their software in the branded store. Now it has a handy new Tax Category feature that lets you quickly determine the appropriate taxes for specific content or region. The tax rate for goods and services in digital stores might vary depending on the legislation adopted in a particular territory. According to company representatives, the introduction of the new function aims to simplify the tax collection process on the part of developers.

Using the Tax Category option, programmers will be able to assign categories within their products based on content (for example, books or news). It allows Apple to quickly determine the tax rules for a specific region and manage taxes for you. According to representatives' estimates, the company currently manages developer data in 64 areas where the App Store operates (there are 175 regions in total).

While it might seem at first glance that assigning a tax category is not a quick process, things are much easier when you figure it out. A new option is now available in the Pricing and Availability section. The entire list of possible categories is listed there. You can assign it to the whole product or even to individual purchases within your app. Any changes made will be applied to subsequent transactions. You will receive detailed tax information in the report a month later.

If you, as a developer, do not update the category and leave the settings as they are, the company will retain the tax that corresponds to the current product type. You can change the settings at any time as your application or region's tax legislation evolves and changes. Update your information on time to get the correct tax rate.