Amazon Offers Merchants to Use Benefits of Prime on Their Websites

Elina Rudkovsky


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Merchants will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the Prime service on their personal sites. Amazon offers business owners support, expanding Prime’s possibilities. This new plan can turn great for both merchants and Prime owners.

There is a new initiative announced by Amazon. It is called Buy With Prime and has the goal to extend Prime’s opportunities. Now Prime subscription can be activated outside the Amazon. This initiative is expected to help Amazon to compete against rapidly growing Shopify. Once it is released, all the sellers that work through the warehouses of Amazon and are using the delivery systems can now add the Buy With Prime service on their website. The button will let every user subscribed to Prime buy from the store directly while using the benefits of the subscription. For example, they will be able to use the free return, delivery for the next day, and free shipping.

The new option adds more benefits for all subscribers of the Prime service, whether they use Amazon or not. Amazon, meanwhile, receives the extra revenue from Prime. The feature can double the possibilities of Amazon in logistics. Amazon can consider the new idea as the ability to compete against Shopify’s quick storefront building. While Shopify offers a comfortable way to create a store for every merchant on their platform, Amazon comes with the working scheme to let merchants use their own stores and still provide the same benefits for their customers as they had on Amazon.

Merchants usually complained about Amazon, blaming the company for extra control over their relations with customers. Now Amazon is trying to make its merchants happy with more options and abilities outside the company. Shopify looks one step ahead of Amazon will have to work harder to beat the new initiative.

Are you an Amazon customer or a merchant? How often do you order products on Amazon? Share your opinion about the new service in the comments below.