Best Dark Sky Alternatives for Android

Audrey Hansen


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On March 31, the development team of the popular weather app Dark Sky announced that the rights for the Dark Sky weather app had been acquired by Apple. Although it’s great news for the corporation, it’s sad for Android owners who use the app as it will be removed from Google Play on July 1, 2020. The app will continue to work in a normal regime until the date, but you have to find a replacement to keep updated after July 1. If your subscription lasts longer than that, you will receive a refund equal to the remaining service duration via Google Pay. Below are the best apps for weather Android that can replace Dark Sky and keep you aware of current and upcoming weather conditions.

1. Appy Weather

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Appy Weather’s core API is the same as in the Dark Sky app, while the user interface design is totally different. It looks a lot like the standard Twitter feed but provides fresh weather updates instead of posts by your favorite influencers. Every “post” includes a hidden card with additional information. You can adjust the feed to update hourly or daily, depending on your needs. This app is perfect for fans of minimalism and Dark Sky’s forecasts. The basic set of features is available for free, while notifications, adblock, and widgets come within the $3.99 annual subscription.

2. Weather Underground

Weather Underground screenshots

Need a local approach to forecasting? Weather Underground will provide you with access to comprehensive data related to your area gathered from private weather-analyzing stations. The current version is connected to over 250,000 stations. It lets the app’s servers generate accurate hyper-local forecasts that can adapt not only to your city but to your particular district. You can also unlock extra-precision hourly forecasting and some other useful options for $19.99 per year. It’s quite expensive, but you’ll like the features if you need a local professional solution.

3. Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather)

Fu*** Weather screenshots

Tired of numbers, percentages, and dull forecasts? Fu*** Weather will make your experience much more exciting. This app uses tons of hilarious jargon to warn you about a storm coming or push you outside when the weather is fine. The forecast processing is powered by AerisWeather and Dark Sky APIs, so you won’t feel too much difference switching between the 2 apps. The free version offers a comprehensive set of features, but you can upgrade to the paid account to remove ads and unlock hourly updates.

4. 1 Weather

1 Weather screenshots

This one’s one of the most downloaded weather apps for Android, as it has lots of free stuff to offer. The default feature list includes hourly and daily forecasting with detailed data tables and clear widgets for your home screen. In addition to comprehensive reports, it lets you view data on your Android Wear and translate info into 25 languages automatically. The only paid option that costs just $1.99 removes ads forever, while the rest of the functions are completely free.

5. Accuweather

Accuweather screenshots

Accuweather is one of the oldest and most recognized apps that can replace the Dark Sky weather app for iPhone and Android successfully. The service provides detailed weekly, daily, and hourly forecasts along with Android Wear support, smart notifications, and many more things. Due to the unique Minute Cast module, the app can predict rain and snow with minute-to-minute precision. It’s a superior classic application for those who value clarity and precision.

6. What The Forecast?!!

What The Forecast screenshots

This new app is very popular on social media as it can describe weather conditions with over 6600 hilarious and witty quips. You can adjust the level of swearing to make it soft or extremely rude if you want. Due to AerisWeather API integration, the app provides precise 7-day forecasts with actual and real-feel temperature levels updated several times per day. The features of the app are pretty basic, but it’s still a unique experience that can really make your day.

7. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel screenshots

The Weather Channel is a convenient minimalistic application that provides all the basic data, including bad weather alerts, the live radar for local forecasts, and current temperature in your city. The free version also includes a variety of widgets for smartphones and tablets, along with the special tablet interface. It’s a perfect solution for those who need the fullest picture. Moreover, it doesn’t include any in-app purchases!

8. Today Weather

Today Weather screenshots

This app provides one of the most comprehensive free weather reports amongst all the apps on this list. It provides all the basic data, such as actual/real-feel temperature, storm alerts, and humidity. Unique features include moon cycles, air quality index, and even precise sunset/sunrise times. Finally, it has the most detailed weather radar. You can either use the free set of functions, which is more than enough or unlock extras. The good thing is that you don’t have to pay for all premiums as they’re split into packages.

9. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather screenshots

Carrot Weather is quite similar to What The Forecast, but it’s more focused on humor rather than rude expressions. It also provides a little more detailed forecast than its competitor. The free version offers enough phrases for several months, while the paid one updates the database all the time.

10. NOAA Weather

NOAA Weather screenshots

This app is powered by the data from National Weather Service and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). The free version lets you receive daily and hourly forecasts for several cities at once and view severe weather alerts in a separate feed. Get this app if you trust national forecasting more.

What’s The Weather?

Choose one of the apps to replace the Dark Sky weather app for Android, and you’ll always know the most relevant forecast for the entire week. Each app has something unique to offer, so be attentive, and you’ll find what you really need. And don’t forget to tell us what’s your choice! You can also suggest other weather apps if you are sure that they’re good enough to compete with this top list. Your friends who use Dark Sky will also be interested, so share the article with them too.