Best Android Social Distancing Games for Non-Gamers

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This spring is a bad time to walk outside because if the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, many of us have loads of extra time every day, and sometimes it’s hard to decide what to do with all this spare time. Fortunately, we’re all surrounded by electronics that can help us kill time, and Android smartphones are the most common handheld devices of all. We made this special guide for those Android users who didn’t have time to play mobile games before the pandemic and need some relaxing distraction this season. If you’re one of them, here you will find all answers to your questions plus examples of the best Android games Reddit suggests for each highlighted category.

Intro to Mobile Games

Modern smartphone games have nearly nothing in common with what mobile games used to be several years ago. The rapid spread of 3G and 4G mobile networks provided developers with an opportunity to create more and more console-level multiplayer games as well as games of a bigger size. That led to better graphics and more elaborate content. You can even play some of the classic PC and console titles, like GTA San Andreas, on your Android today!

However, the biggest trend is free-to-play gaming. It lets you download games for free and pay for particular features only if you really want to. In addition, most F2P games have thousands of levels or even unlimited gameplay time. This category of games is incredibly broad and includes loads of games of various genres. Here you can find catchy word games for Android, multiplayer shooters and racing games, all sorts of puzzles, and many more.

The next category includes games below the $5 price tag. These are mostly mobile exclusives by creative indie developers. These games can give you a bit more than recurring missions of most F2P games. Some of these are pieces of true digital art.

The last category is for games between $5 and $15. These are usually cross-platform titles with the most advanced graphics, top-notch screenplay, and exclusive gameplay. If you don’t have a console or a gaming computer, these Android games will help you to fill the gap and get high-quality gaming experiences right on your smartphone or tablet. Now, let’s take a look at the best titles in each category.

1. Candy Crush Saga – F2P

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While many gaming Android users will grin at this one, we still recommend this game as a classic match-3 puzzle that can entertain anyone. This cute puzzle game provides over 2,000 levels that are surprisingly exciting to complete, independently from the stage you are at. It’s a perfect game if you want to relax and make the time pass by discreetly. It’s the simplest game on our list, so it’s perfect for beginner gamers and those who don’t want to concentrate too much.

2. Fortnite, PUBG, CoD Mobile – F2P

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These titles are, in fact, in the list of the most popular games not only on Android but on PC and consoles as well. All 3 of them are competitive multiplayer shooters with awesome graphics and realistic combat simulation. Each game has a variety of gameplay modes in which you have to survive while trying to eliminate all the enemies that come on your way. Besides, all these games support team play and voice chatting, which is a great opportunity to get in touch with your friends during the quarantine.

There are differences too. Fortnite is a bright cartoony game with 3rd person perspective. It involves funny characters and slightly surreal weapons and gameplay mechanics, which makes it so popular amongst players of all ages. PUBG Mobile is pretty much the same game, but it has a stronger focus on realism. You can play from both 1st and 3rd-person perspectives, utilize digital copies of real weapons, ride military vehicles, and follow real warfare strategies.

Finally, Call of Duty Mobile is a handheld adaptation of the most popular multiplayer modes from the Cod Modern Warfare series. This game is the most realistic and immersive one amongst all mobile shooters.

3. Monument Valley 1 & 2 – Below $5

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The Monument Valley series offers you to play 2 dreamy puzzles with breathtaking arts and animations. You play a female character, Princess Ida, who needs to get through mysterious castles and lands that are full of tangled labyrinths. Her aim is to remember her past and return her lost crown.

Each level of the game is a unique puzzle that consists of tricky mechanisms, optical illusions, and impossible geometric shapes. It’s a great game to avoid degradation during the quarantine!

4. Oxenfree – Above $5

Oxenfree picture

Oxenfree is a famous indie project in which you play a teenage girl Alex, who goes to a deserted sea island to spend the weekend with her best friends. Soon, she starts facing various supernatural events that push her and her friends to stay on the island to investigate the mysteries.

During the game, you can explore the island in any direction and talk to all characters to discover more about their personalities and to manage relationships with each of them. Besides, Alex can interact with the environment to solve puzzles and contact with supernatural entities. This game is recommended to everyone who enjoys exciting sci-fi adventures that focus more on the plot rather than the gameplay.

5. Broken Age – Above $5

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This point-and-click puzzle adventure by Tim Schafer is even easier to play that Oxenfree. Nevertheless, the story in the game is incredibly exciting. The game consists of 2 parts that tell stories of a teenage boy who got stuck on a spaceship and a girl who’s loving family wants to feed her to a giant sea monster during the annual sacrifice ceremony. You have to help poor guys to break the vicious circle created by their parents and make the world a better place.

Keep Safe

Now you’re a beginner expert in mobile games, and you know how to pass the time during the quarantine. Which game from our list will you play first? Tell us about your choice in the comments and share this guide with your non-gaming friends to help them escape boredom.