9 Fresh iPad Games of the Week

I like versatility because as soon as some genre starts getting on my nerves I change games and concepts and go on playing.

Racing gives way to puzzles, puzzles to arcades and so on. To follow such a plan one needs a nice store of new games to choose from that is why the iPads House writing team proposes 9 recently released paid games for the iPad which will be a wonderful change for anyone who got bored with the older titles.

Please share your impressions in the comments below and let us know if you have something very special what was missed.

1. Real Racing 2 HD: To be faster than wind one needs to get Real Racing 2 HD for $9.99. The graphics and sounds represented here do not differ from the ones in real life and one comes to understand the attraction of this fresh iPad game. You will be delighted to check out 30 cars from the best manufacturers in the whole world.

These cars will look amazing on 15 unique locations which will test both your driving skills and all these magnificent automobiles. Smooth intuitive controls are just what you need to match the atmosphere of true driving.

2. Land-a Panda HD: The idea of this game is simple as life itself a male should meet a female to make their life complete and secure the population of their world. Available for just $1.99 it is a fine specimen of puzzle games for iPad. Keep it in mind that as any other young girl female panda will not like the male just for being the male panda. One needs to collect golden love coins to produce a lasting impression and that’s not all.

There will be numerous obstacles on male panda’s way but everybody knows that real love can overcome literally anything. A number of different worlds, cannons, limited time, beautiful surroundings nothing will stop your panda on his way to his true love.

3. New Bust-A-Move HD: Help this cute character move forward by bursting the bubbles blocking its way. The game has been known and popular on other iDevices and now it has made its way to the iPad. Slight changes and new tricks and modes redounded to its advantage.

New Bust-A-Move HD teaches you to be strategic and gives you a chance to try your hand at various achievements. Boss battles will make the game more intense whereas classic and new moments will just keep you smiling and addicted. The game is available for $2.99.

4. SwipeTapTap: This game will stimulate and train your reaction, memory, focus and coordination in the most arresting way. $1.99 SwipeTapTap offers four classic game modes and lets you appreciate every one of them for their being so absorbing. Classic mode lets you kill orbs before they reach the opposite side of the screen.

Speed mode is as usual about fighting in a limited time frame. Memory mode presents SwipeTapTap version of Simon Says memory game. Endurance mode speaks for itself the only enemy is your fatigue. Beautiful graphics will carry you away with only 9 gestures required from you they are simple and easy.

5. GeoSpin HD: GeoSpin HD is a unique puzzle game which will teach you some Geometry and check your skills. One can get it for $0.99 and let the whole family experience and try the brain-twisting riddles. There will be a 3D Geo shape on your screen and you will need to touch the coloured shapes in correct places. It won’t be easy but will be fun.

With 33 levels this game develops itself and lets you perfect your skills and move forward. Medals of different kinds available at each level will stimulate and stir you up. 3D graphics as well as 2D it is combined with look very nice and easy to handle.

6. Wispin HD: Wispin HD is a wonderful representative of color-matching arcades which will charm you by its beauty and take you by surprise by the skills required. New environments have been developed solely for the iPad to match its gorgeous screen and look stunning. One will be delighted to find two endless game modes with the game costing just $2.99.

Cartoon graphics takes us back to the precious days of the childhood and create a superb atmosphere of magic. What is great about Wispin HD is that it gives support to left-handed and colorblind people so there will be no exception limiting those who can enjoy this game.

7. Pirate’s Battle: The fact that the iPad unites families is indisputable. Gathering families together is costless but $2.99 won’t make anyone go broke. Pirates make the life of people unbearable and all the captains go to their ships to start the greatest fight for peace and freedom. One may choose to fight on one’s own or join other captains there is only one goal for all the kinds of fight.

One can also choose between different ships which are unique and let you fight your enemy in every possible way. Multiplayer battles will test your family and friends will they back you up when you are being attacked by the cold-blooded pirates.

8. Pig Rockets: It is so nice when a game combines various genres and doesn’t let your attention go to anything else. Pig Rockets is a tower-defense game with puzzle content included which makes $0.99 a perfect deal. Gorgeous graphics and endless hours of gameplay will make you love the adorable concept and spend your spare time with this game only.

8 maps and 50+ achievements are a good start for the player of any background and experience. Remember bacon unlocks upgrades and powerups which are among the most important factors securing addictive gameplay.

9. CrazyControl2 HD: Side-scrolling games represent a genre that is very addictive to play and $1.99 is a good price for all the features and advantages of this challenging game. Controlling several characters is not an easy task but of course, it is implementable. One starts with two characters running together and will end up with six of them to be controlled at the same time.

The game has a story which tells us about a magic wood protecting the village from evil creatures that start to attack it and get closer and closer. The characters you are responsible for need to find the very source of evil to bring peace to their settlement.

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