5 fun games about trains on Android and iOS

Do you find trains interesting? In this case, put one or all five of the following games, which will allow you to communicate with them closer. You can become a tycoon that expands your transport network, or run an arcade game with trains. You can also take part in a realistic simulator and guide trains through different places, conditions and events, picking up passengers or cargo, manually controlling the train or just watching its movement. Choose any game in your mood.

Train Conductor World

Train Conductor World is a high-speed crossing puzzle game where you control the movement of trains and watch the growth of the railway network. Your trains will have to circle the canals of Amsterdam, move around the arc de Triomphe in Paris, climb the dangerous peak of the Matterhorn. According to the creators of the game, you will need nerves of steel and quick actions to keep the chaos under control. The game will be a lot of explosive collisions, misses, instant solutions. Fortunately, you can customize your trains, give them advantages and optimize the way. There are rocket boosters, star medallions, and other bonuses to help you progress through missions among a growing number of Railways.

Tiny Rails

In the game Tiny Rails you become the heir of the railway company of the grandfather and you should be engaged in its expansion. You will be able to upgrade and customize your train, unlock new stations, transport passengers and goods around the world. You can play as a railway tycoon or watch from the side as your train travels to unique places with diverse weather and climate. You can provide passengers with food and entertainment to improve comfort and expand business. Pixel game is nostalgic for bygone times; it offers you to explore the map of the world and to choose the desired playing style.

Euro Train Driving Games

If you’re looking for a more realistic game, try this one. Here you can manage your favorite trains from the driver’s cab, visit different terminals, take and drop off passengers at the station. The game has realistic Railways, where many trains run at the same time, as in reality. It offers 20 levels of Challenge Driving with a change of cars and the alarm system, numerous weather conditions and night mode, different locations of cameras, ten updated trains, realistic simulation of stations and passengers.

Brave Train

Brave Train is an unusual combination of Snake games, TIC-TAC-toe and trains. You have to help the brave train to collect the scattered colorful cars. Three cars of the same color in a row will remove all cars of this color from the train. The game becomes even more fun by collecting coins, completing various quests and unlocking new locomotives. The game features four playing fields of different sizes and configurations with three levels of difficulty, which differ in the speed of trains, the number of cars on the field, obstacles and other variables. On the field, there are bonuses and many side quests.

Train Sim

Train Sim offers a comprehensive rail experience. Here you have to pick up passengers at the stations, carry cargo and manage modern and historical trains. The game provides the freedom to control trains, you can sit in passenger cars, watch the train from the side. There are 48 types of trains, 8 three-dimensional environments, special scenes like children’s scene with toy trains and the underground scene. The simulator offers realistic sounds and easy control. The game is free, but there are in-game purchases and advertising.

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