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456: Survival game review

456: Survival Game is a popular survival adventure game based on the trendy Squid Game TV series. Simple to the TV series you also have to play children’s games that may kill you. It was created by YoloGame in 2021. You can download 456: Survival Game on your Android phone from Google Play Store.


Graphics of 456: Survival Game mobile game are not detailed or atmospheric. Yet, it is unique. You may see characters dressed similar to the Squid Game series whether in green sport suits or in red ones. Players in the game have faceless white bulbs instead of their heads and guards are covered completely in red with black masks on their faces. There are no details on the background, still, you can recognize different locations from TV series, and they are just incredibly simplified. After you install 456: Survival Game you may travel from one location to another completing numerous tasks.


Since there is no 456: Survival Game on PC, and you will not find it 456: Survival Game for Xbox. You can’t play it on PS, as well. Besides, there is no iOS version of the game. Your only option, for now, is Android. Developers designed the game for this phone, keeping in mind the specifics of the controls. You will have no problem playing it even if it is your first game on the phone. Prepare for lots of swiping and tapping. Since this game is free, you may practice whenever you want to as much as you want. Still, there are a lot of ads that developers add there. So, once you order 456: Survival Game, prepare to wait till these ads disappear. The first level may be challenging too since it can freeze from time to time.


After you download 456: Survival Game, you receive access to the game that may either kill you or bring a fortune. The main idea of the game is simple. You may have seen it in the Squid Game. You have to take part in the game some of us played in childhood. It can be either tug pulling, jumping from one square block to another, freezing when the light is red, and running when the light is blue. There is also a traditional Korean Dalgona Candy game.

You may try to play as one of the numerous participants of games hoping to win it. The more participants of the game die, the more money you can receive in the end. However, the tasks are vicious. They are all deadly dangerous, and once you fail you die. Since this is a game on your phone with a free download, you can enter it even after you are killed and start from the very beginning.


  • Simple to play
  • Based on popular TV series
  • Multiple games
  • Ability to play offline
  • Free of charge


  • Contains too many ads
  • Freezes from time to time


456: Survival Game allows you to become a part of a popular TV show. However, if you have not seen it, you may want to watch it first. Otherwise, you will get lost in the logic of the game. The games may be not familiar to you as well. They may be traditional for some countries, but completely unfamiliar to you. Yet, you will quickly catch up, if you find the game interesting. Keep in mind that you can master your skills as long as you need them.